Guide: Insane in the Membrane


Some friends asked me questions about doing WoW’s “Insane in the Membrane” and my experiences. One thing I noticed that the guides I have read lead me to asking more questions and figuring things out on my own. They also linked to many different pages and it would’ve been nice if it was all on one page. I will also be linking reps and items to their WoWhead page.

Keep in mind, my goal was to do it on a character with MAX potential for rep & speed, your results may vary. I’m also not a number cruncher, so I’m not here to tell you how much rep you’ll gain per hour. I feel that it’s a little arbitrary based on your class, race, and how you’ll personally grind it. I also won’t note extra Reputation increases from Holdays.

Let’s Get Started

I’ve already had a Human Rogue in my arsenal, so it deemed fitting that I did it on her. Previously, I started to do it on my Tauren Shaman, but I haven’t worked on that since Cataclysm. I don’t have a rogue on Horde side anyway.

Why Rogue and Why Human?

You can definitely do this on any character (class&race) you wish. Just make sure you have a rogue to be able to Pickpocket Lockboxes for Ravenholdt Rep. (more about this in the Ravenholdt step)

My benefit for using a Rogue was so I didn’t have to mail Lockboxes back and forth. I like doing things in long runs without wasting time. Spec also doesn’t matter. Fan of Knives made it really easy to mow things down. A big plus for using Rogues was their talent “Burst of Speed.” It made running things a lot faster. Unfortunately, I believe this is getting removed with Legion.

Being a Human is straightforward. Diplomacy Racial. Humans get an extra 10% to reputation.

The Benefits of Having a Guild.

Having a guild is nice. It gives you the Battle Standard of Coordination. To get it, you need to be friendly with a guild and have 300 gold. The Battle Standard gives you 15% more rep. Make sure you’re in range of the Battle Standard or it will disappear.

If you must have the Battle Standard, Renown Guild Tabard also increases guild rep by 100% when worn. The best thing about this Tabard is that it’s Account bound. So if you’re doing it on a Alt character, you can hop on your Main and send it through the mailbox. It doesn’t take long to do this, just put this on and work on some quests, you’ll be there in no time.

Still, everything stated above are not required to do Insane in the Membrane. So do it as you please.

Info on Factions and Reputations

I did them from what I thought would be the easiest to hardest. It changes when the Darkmoon Faire is in town. Darkmoon Faire was my #1 priority for two reasons. It only lasts a week and it gives a reputation buff.

To me, the easiest to hardest was:
Bloodsail Buccaneers > Steamwheedle Cartel (Goblins) > Darkmoon Faire > Ravenholdt
The rep guide will be in the order as stated above.

About the Darkmoon Faire Buff
If the Darkmoon Faire is in town, you can ride the carousal to increase Reputation gain by 10% for an hour. It doesn’t stack with the Darkmoon Top Hat. The benefit of having Darkmoon Top Hats is so you don’t have to keep going back to the Carousal to get your buff. So I bought as much as I thought I needed. (It also disappears when the Darkmoon Faire is over, so only buy enough) When the Darkmoon Faire was in town, I went to it, hopped on the Carausel, did all the Darkmoon Faire dailies, bought some Darkmoon Top Hats with my Prize Tickets, and went about my way.

In-Depth: Breaking Down the Reps

Bloodsail Buccaneers:
Time it Took Me: 6 Hours from Hated to Honored.

A lot of people choose to do this first because if you get Steamwheedle Cartel to Exalted first, they’ll turn hostile while working on Bloodsail and it won’t count toward your achievement. Then you’d have to do Steamwheedle again. Some people have noted that they’ve asked a GM and the GMs helped them with it, but it’s better to be safe and do Bloodsail Buccaneers first in my opinion.

Many people think that you can go to Booty Bay and easily mark yourself as hostile and start attacking the Bruisers. Except, they hit pretty hard and take awhile to kill. It also marks you for PVP so people can kill you while youre doing this. It might be easy to just explode the bruisers in a group, but it’s difficult to find one these days.

To do it Solo, there’s a chain quest that leads to Booty Bay being phased out. Once in the phased zone, everything is level 35 and you can easily mark yourself Hostile to start killing the NAMED civilians in Booty Bay.

If you‘ve already done these chain quests on the character you want to do The Insane on, unfortunately, youre going to have to do your Achievement on a different character or mass kill the bruisers.

Quests to do:

Named NPCs to Kill
-Baron Revilgaz
-Rickle Goldgrubber (banker #1)
-Viznik Goldgrubber (banker)
-Grizzlowe (Shipmaster)
-Wharfmaster Lozgil
-All other named NPCs
Auctioneers & Bruisers give no rep.

It may look a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of the area, you’ll start to figure out which ways you like best. Don’t miss Bankers and Grizzlow + Lozgil once they’re spawned, as they give the most amount of rep.


Alternate/AFK path is for when you’re doing something else and come back to WoW in a few minutes. Killing Bankers and Grizzlow/Lozgil is the highest rep gain, but they also take awhile to respawn. Just fly above the water and check once in awhile to kill them.

I also don’t recommend consistently going to the profession NPCs as they’re very spaced apart from each other and give so little rep. I did go there once in awhile to break from the monotony of the grind.

Here’s an album to show the route in 3rd person view.

WoWHead Bloodsail Buccaneers Page

Steamwheedle Cartel (Goblins):

Time it Took Me: Hated to Neutral– depending if you want to buy cloth from Auction House or farm them. It also will take awhile going back and forth to turn in.
Neutral to Exalted: about 4 hours.

Now, because you killed so many Goblins for Bloodsail Buccaneers, most likely youre at Hated with the Steamwheedle. Luckily, there are repeatable cloth quests to get your reputation back up to Neutral.

For each faction, one turn in yields 500 rep for that faction’s particular cloth quest . That same turn in also gives 250 rep for all the others.

Everlook Quest-Runecloth
Booty Bay Quest- Silk
Ratchet Quest- Linen
Gadgetzan Quest – Mageweave

It’s best and cost efficient to go in order:
Linen > Silk > Mageweave > Runecloth

Once Neutral with ONE of the four factions, you can no longer turn in cloth. Now you want to head to Tanaris. To the east of Caverns of Time, there is a beach area of Pirates to kill. This is best with a group as they spawn really fast the more you kill. At the end of Expacs, there’s usually a handful of groups doing this. Just head there and ask if any groups need an extra person. The more the better! Alternatively, you can find/make a group in the group finder.

You will want each person to have his/her own quadrant marked on the minimap below. It’s fine to overlap each other and the 5th member can help with extra mobs. You can also place your banner in the middle to get that sweet extra rep.


At 20999 Revered, you cannot gain the last rep in Tanaris.
Head over to Ratchet, Barrens and kill your last mob in Fray Island, located below.

WoWHead Cloth guide – How many cloths to get to Neutral
RatchetBooty BayEverlookGadgetzen

Darkmoon Faire:
Time it Took me: 2 Months

You should be starting the Darkmoon Faire reps as soon as they’re up. They start on at 1:00 AM Sunday Morning. This is essential to note because you have 2 hours before reset. If you do it once it starts, you get an extra day.

The easiest thing to do is all the Faire games dailies. If you do the dailies every day, you can get the rep done in about 2 Darkmoon Faires as a Human (2 Months)

Each month you can turn in items to give you extra rep. These items can be bought at the auction house or found on mobs.

Another Monthly quest is Test Your Strength
To do this, you have to grind mobs and get 250 Grisly Trophies.

There are Profession Quests as well. If you’re really desprate, yes, You can do 2 profession quests then drop those 2 professions and pick up 2 different professions. Make sure that you get the new profession to 75 while the Faire is running so that you can take the quests of the new profession. Personally, I skipped the Profession quests altogether.

Primary Profession Quests:
A Fizzy Fusion (Alchemy)
Baby Needs Two Pair of Shoes (Blacksmithing)
Putting Trash to Good Use (Enchanting)
Talkin’ Tonks (Engineering)
Herbs for Healing (Herbalism)
Writing the Future (Inscription)
Keeping the Faire Sparkling (Jewelcrafting)
Eyes on the Prizes (Leatherworking)
Rearm, Reuse, Recycle (Mining)
Tan My Hide (Skinning)
Banners, Banners Everywhere! (Tailoring)

Secondary Profession Quests:
Fun for the Little Ones (Archaeology)
Putting the Crunch in the Frog (Cooking)
Putting the Carnies Back Together Again (First Aid)
Spoilin’ for Salty Sea Dogs (Fishing)

Killing Moonfang gives her a chance to drop Moonfang’s Pelt. You can turn it in once a month and it gives 250 reputation. It isn’t bound, so you can buy it from the Auction House or trade/mail it with other characters.

Darkmoon Decks are not worth to make for reputation.

WoWHead guide on turn-in items.
Darkmoon Faire

Time it Took Me: 16 Hours, Friendly to Exalted

I think this reputation is what makes people stop the grind. To me, everything was easy but I dreaded Ravenholdt and procrastinated once I hit it.


As a Rogue, you can do the Fangs of the Father Legendary quest to get easy reputation from Ravenholdt. Usually, people say to save it until you get to to Revered. To be honest, I really don’t care when you do it, it’s all a massive grind either way.

Before you get to Revered, you can Kill Syndicate Rogues around Arathi Highland. I suggest Stormguarde Keep or Northfold Manor.

The problem with this is that they’re all so annoyingly spread out and stealthed. By the time I got to honored, I said “fuck it” and went to grind Lockboxes.

As somebody who didn’t understand the rep at first, the lockboxes aren’t used to Lockpick. There’s Turn-In quest at Ravenholdt Manor. Each turn-in requires 5 Lockboxes and you can only get the Lockboxes as a Rogue with Pickpocketing.

Grinding lockboxes was better for me, it was easy to just stealth around, press the Pickpocket button and have some movies queued up.

Ravenholdt Manor is located in Hillsbrad Foothills.

Setting Up

Make sure to have the Pickpocket Glyph that increases the range.
Essential talents are Nightstalker and Burst of Speed.

Gossip button Macro

/script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1)
/script CompleteQuest()

This is useful for when you’re turning in the Lockboxes to the NPC, Winstone Wolfe. Just press this to skip the gossip/complete the quest and Spam click him to accept the quest.

Mouseover Pickpocket Macro

/cast [@mouseover] Pick Pocket

This is useful for just needing to hover over a mob to pickpocket it. Makes it much faster than clicking.

Another useful thing to note is that Pockets “reset” at 8 minutes. So once you Pickpocket a mob, it cannot be pickpocketed again within 8 minutes.

Those that are not grinding Insane in the Membrane on their Rogue, having Moll-E is very useful to send lockboxes to your preferred character. If you’re not an Engineer, you can buy GUMM-E from an Engineering Garrison building. You can also buy them in the Auction House or get them at any Garrison with an Engineering building.

Be sure to keep your bags clear of items. More space for Lockboxes mean you have to mail/clean out less often. I also highly suggest getting bags with the most amount of space you can afford.

Areas to Pickpocket

Isle of Quel’Danas

Greengill Slaves – You can go around the coast and pickpocket all the murlocs. They respawn pretty fast, so you pickpocket them. Fan of Knives. Then head to the next pack of Murlocs to pickpocket. I personally didn’t like this area. Ive heard people getting about 120-180 lockboxes per hour, but I just couldn’t stand the area. If you’re not doing Insane in the Membrane on your rogue, you can send mail at Sun’s Reach.

Fields of Honor
Fields of Honor
This area could potentially be the fastest place to pick lockboxes at 200 boxes per hour. All the mobs are bunched up in squares. The only problem is that you need to have a lot of servers to be able to hop to. With the expansion being this late, everybody is using this method and you’ll end up finding out that there’s no pockets to pick.

If you’re lucky enough to hop to multiple servers and have no competition, just go to each square of mobs and pickpocket away. When I did it, I put a timer for 8 Minutes. After every 8 minutes, I went back to my Home Server and rotated back to servers I previously hopped to.

Lower Blackrock Spire
This was my preferred method. I chose this place because it was easy to circle around and not having to worry about killing Murlocs or finding competition. Plus it gave me a chance to catch up on some TV shows and Movies. Sadly, you only got about 100-120 lockboxes per hour. I would post some pictures/videos but it’s really a lot easier to figure out the way once you get it down. Alternatively, you can check out Raimonda’s Path on Youtube


Closing Notes

Remember that it’s a grind. Don’t force yourself to do it. After doing research and reading each and every rep, I calculated that I would be able to do them all in 2.5 months. I did Bloodsail Buccaneers in two nights. Steamwheedle Cartel in one night. Got to Honored with Darkmoon Faire the first week. Got frustrated at Ravenholdt and decided I would only work on it once I finished Darkmoon Faire. It takes some mad willpower, so don’t give up, but don’t sacrifice your sanity for it (heh-heh)

If there are anything that needs to be corrected or put more detailed, feel free to message/tweet me.

Good Luck!

Helpful Links:
Raimonda’s The Insane – In Depth Blog to Insane in the Membrane
WoWhead Guide to the Insane


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