Warbourn’s Guide to Motivation

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Because you don’t do research. Because you don’t innately possess a need to be competitive. You don’t think ahead and you don’t plan.

Of course, the fact you are here asking how to improve means you are not satisfied. Put in the effort to learn the strengths of your specializations and where to capitalize on them on boss encounters and results will come.

Anyone can click a guide and read it, but to truly be good, you must be able to guide yourself and the drive to be a competitive player must come from within to supplement intelligent decision making.

Start looking at yourself and the raid. Try to figure out accurate values for your decisions to weigh them carefully to make the best decision.

For example – As DPS, someone might disagree with me here, I think we have the most responsibility to hold ourselves to a high standard of performance because if the goal of fighting a boss is to kill it, we are given the most power to accomplish that objective. You need to keep that in mind as you take on the responsibility of being a dps – not to say that other roles are less skillful or neccessary because we all need each other to complete an encounter, but healers and tanks have utility to assist them in the loss of one another… However, when you die the raid is losing extremely high amounts of value on a progression fight. You can’t afford to make mistakes because of how much it benefits your group not to make them – it’s better for your raid to spend it’s resources on high stress mistakes than on very easily avoided mistakes.

Just start thinking about the basics, the fundamentals as it were. If you were, say, an Arms Warrior… your strengths are high single target burst damage and ridiculously asburd AoE burst. Naturally, you want to put all of your Mortal Strikes into Colossus Smash debuffed targets… but you also don’t want to hoard your Mortal Strikes in PvE – you want it to always be charging, because like rage, you are losing damage if you are capped.

Start small, understanding the basics of your class like that. Think about how if you have a 2pc PvP bonus, you don’t want to use Battle Cry on single target right away because it’s a waste of the 50% MS crit bonus gained from charge and practically all but guaranteed Overpower crits – using it too early is likely to lose you an amount of damage you may not feel is significant, but in reality, is not a negligible amount of damage when compared to players of your class who are performing well.

Think about when the adds you can cleave are coming out, where you can squeeze in extra efficient forms of damage. Try to leave yourself a window open for those adds where you can use Warbreaker and Bladestorm for immense levels of damage.

Judge the timing of AoE/casted Cleaves to maximize your uptime. Use Heroic Leap for extra bits of damage. Focus on squeezing every bit of damage you can out of every tool at your disposal in the most efficient way possible.

Try to plan out usage of your CDs at certain points in a fight to gain the most out of what you have. For example, increased boss vulnerability + Burst CDs + Execute = money baby, that ain’t rocket science. That’ll put dreamlike numbers on your screen, and it’s important for you to capitalize on as much as you can.

But also say that perhaps a certain phase of a fight is difficult for your healers… Talent defensive stance and use it not only during those high stress moments, but whenever you know you are going to take predictable & heavy damage. This saves your healers mana and gives them breathing room – it also increases your damage by potentially preventing you from dying because dead dps do 0 dps.

Don’t interrupt a cast as soon as you see it unless you cannot reliably interrupt it. But if you can, wait until it is about to finish. This maximizes enemy downtime which means they are spending less time hitting you and more time gaining absolutely 0 value from what they are doing, which can add up over a long time.

You can ask other people to guide you and they will be more than happy to point you in the direction of a resource compiled by a knowledgeable player of our community, but to be great you have to want to improve. Just keep yourself in the mindset of never wanting to be a burden on a group, adopt the mentality of needing to be an asset and that being a liability is an embarrassment you cannot tolerate.

If you do this one simple thing, you will become a very good player through trial and error simply because you just want to be the best player you can be.


Guide: Insane in the Membrane


Some friends asked me questions about doing WoW’s “Insane in the Membrane” and my experiences. One thing I noticed that the guides I have read lead me to asking more questions and figuring things out on my own. They also linked to many different pages and it would’ve been nice if it was all on one page. I will also be linking reps and items to their WoWhead page.

Keep in mind, my goal was to do it on a character with MAX potential for rep & speed, your results may vary. I’m also not a number cruncher, so I’m not here to tell you how much rep you’ll gain per hour. I feel that it’s a little arbitrary based on your class, race, and how you’ll personally grind it. I also won’t note extra Reputation increases from Holdays.